FlashApplet and IRSSI

First install FlashApplet and then make sure logging is enabled in IRSSI:
Your ~/.irssi/config file should be similar to:

settings = {
core = {
real_name = "WarBug";
user_name = "WarBug";
nick = "WarBug";
server_reconnect_time = "5";
timestamp_format = "%H:%M:%S";
log_timestamp = "%H:%M:%S";
"fe-common/core" = {
autolog = "yes";
The IRSSI log files are placed in ~/irclogs/servername/#channel.log. Now let FlashApplet monitor the
logfiles for the channels you want. If you eg. want to be notified when there's activity on the
channels #channel1 and #channel2 you should change your FlashApplet config file to look like:

[karlsen@localhost karlsen]$ cat ~/.flashapplet
duration 10
no_action_color 0
num_files 2
1 11 /home/yourhome/irclogs/ircserver/#channel1.log
3 12 /home/yourhome/irclogs/ircserver/#channel1.log

Now FlashApplet will notify you when theres activity on either of the two channels.
When there's no activity the FlashApplet will be black (color 0). When there's activity on #channel1 it will
flash with the colors Dark Grey (1) and Dark Blue (11). Channel2 will flash with Dark Red (3) and Blue (12).
If you want other colors use this color table: Colors
A more detailed description of the ~/.flashapplet file is available here: Config file explained

Note that the config file is only loaded when the applet is started. When you have changed your config you should:
"right click" the KDE panel:

"right click" the KDE panel:

This restarts FlashApplet and reloads the config file.

FlashApplet animation: