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FlashApplet is a panel applet for KDE. It monitors the files specified in the config file and "flashes"
when a change in filesize occurs. The applet has a built-in idle detection mechanism to help determine
how long the applet should flash. The applet was developed to enable visual notification when a message arrives
on IRC. Let your IRC client log the channels you are interested in. Then add the log files to the FlashApplet
config file. Now FlashApplet will notify you when there's activity on the channels(s) you've added.

Other uses could be monitoring your pop3 email files. This way FlashApplet will notify you when mail arrives.
If you use FlashApplet for other purposes please let us now in the forum :)

Install tutorial

FlashApplet and IRSSI tutorial

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Config file explained

FlashApplet color values

FlashApplet download page

FlashApplet project homepage @ sourceforge (report bugs, request features etc.)

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